Sunday, January 26, 2014

God Doesn't Give Us Eagles

On a few occasions, I've heard someone ask what seems to be a reasonable question. Why didn't the eagles just fly Frodo right to Mount Doom?

I think the answer is this: the same God that is the Lord of our world is the Lord of Middle Earth. Tolkien understood a truth, I think, that we often overlook, especially when things are at their hardest. God doesn't give us an "out", He gives us a "means".

God works through intermediaries most of the time. We don't know why (or at least I don't), but we have plenty of evidence that.  God could have simply teleported the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land; He gave them Moses and Aaron.  Jesus could have appeared on earth as a full-grown 30-year-old man, but He chose to have a mother. God could have given Noah's family gills; He gave them blueprints.

And God (and, as a subcreator, Tolkien) did not give Frodo a direct flight to Mordor.  He gave him Sam. And He gave him Gollum.

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