Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Power of Story

Joseph Pearce sat down with me recently to talk about The Power of Story. Whether you read stories, write stories, or just like to talk about yourself... your story has value.

Here is an excerpt from my article "The Power of Story":
"...there are many ways to spread the faith - including many simiarly creative ways, such as art or music – Christ Himself told stories. He created, for example, the prodigal son. And He created the prodigal son rather than give a lecture on God’s radical love and forgiveness.

Why? Our Lord may have done it because stories are interesting.  People are interesting – and a personal story helps us take interest in the idea. It supports our attention and understanding. It stoops the big idea down to where we often need it. When Christ told that parable, the prodigal son became, in a way, incarnate. He is now a truth clothed in fictional flesh, and that is a nature we can related to. 'I am like that person,' one might say, but not, 'I am like that idea.'

True stories have that same quality. They relate lessons, insights, and experiences better than a straight presentation of the facts. Someone may be nodding along with a story, when they’d be nodding off at a sermon."

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