Monday, February 21, 2011

Trust or Resignation?

I'm watching Armageddon* and my favorite line just passed by. Harry Stamper tells the crew, "Well, I can pretty much guarantee it's not gonna be thicker than 50 feet... 'Cause if it is, we're s----ed."

I can't help but wonder in what spirit that was said. On one hand, Harry might simply, coldly be responding to the fact that if they fail, no one will be around to call him on that guarantee. The material they have to drill through won't be more than fifty feet because if it is, what does it matter what he says or does?

On the other hand, there is a sense of trust, an openness to providence, in what he says. I can guarantee it won't be more than fifty feet, because it must not be. Providence will not allow it to be.

All we must do is trust and do our job - whatever it is we're called to do, large or small. We must direct our will with trust. Providence will provide the rest of what we need. To borrow an expression from the end of the movie, He doesn't know how to fail.

* I know, I know.

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